Let’s Build Something Together

Building your dream home from the start or just planning a renovation to your existing one, can be a big and complicated project.

For that reason, we are here to help you through all the stages, from the concept drawings all the way to the post-build tasks.

If you have questions that are not included here in our FAQ section, feel free to get in touch with us.


Should we build a new home or renovate?

There are a lot of factors to consider when answering this question. The age, condition and structural integrity of your property can determine whether renovating are financially viable or demolition and building from scratch are more suitable. Both have their pros and cons: renovations are impossible to predict (see more on this below), and demolition can be a costly exercise. Contact us, and we can discuss your question in further detail.

What are the biggest renovation budget blowers?

With renovations, it’s impossible to know what’s happening behind walls and under flooring; not until wall linings and flooring are removed are we able to ascertain whether there’s any water damage or subsidence of the land leading to unstable piles. Water damage – whether external, stemming from unknown leaks, or internal, stemming from wet-area seepage or leaking – is the major cause of the budget blowout. With this in mind, we recommend allowing an additional percentage over your renovation budget for unexpected contingencies.

What guarantees do you offer?

A Master Build 10-Year Guarantee protects you through the building process, and for the next 10 years. It provides much greater protection than both the Building Act and Consumer Guarantees Act.

The protection provided by our Guarantee not only gives you peace of mind – it also makes good financial sense:
• If something does go wrong with your build, your Guarantee kicks in and we will step in to help you get your home finished to the highest standard
• It adds value to your property
• It’s fully transferable if you decide to sell
• It helps finance your build, as most banks demand it
• It costs less than 1% of the total build cost to protect your biggest investment.

You can find more information here.

Can I visit the building site during construction?

Whether you’re building or renovating, you’re welcome to visit. There are health and safety factors to be considered, which are unique to each job, so we’ll advise you of the on-site procedure as appropriate.

What's a PC sum?

When pricing a job, it’s not always possible to set an exact price, so price cost (PC) sums are used. In the price expressed as a PC sum, the builder determines a reasonable accepted cost for an item based on their experience. If the actual cost ends up being less or more than what’s been allowed for, you’ll be required to pay that lower or higher cost. At iCreate Building and Renovations Ltd, we pride ourselves on transparency, so work from the outset to ensure that you understand all aspects of any contract/pricing we provide.

Will there be any costs additional to the contract price?

Any additional costs are usually due to changes made to the plans or fittings/fixtures by clients during the building process and cannot be foreseen by the builder. (Please see above re: PC sums.) Contracts often allow for an average price, so if a higher-specification product is requested, it will incur an additional cost. The more specific you can be at the design stage/pre-contract stage, the less likely it is that you’ll encounter cost overruns. Being very clear about your expectations of cost from the outset with both the architect and the builder will also ensure your build proceeds on budget.

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Dan provided us with a full written contract and took the time to answer my questions if ever I was unsure. I would definitely recommend Dan to anyone who is looking for a residential builder who is experienced, professional and friendly.


Dan & his team have not only renovated a house and renewed the life of a dated property, they have built a home that we are proud of. So if anyone is thinking of building or renovating, I would recommend getting iCreate before they are booked out!


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